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Theme Parks Opening Too Soon?

By Aniesa Vasquez

In recent news, it has been announced that a lot of outdoor events such as theme parks and ballparks are planning to open up on April 1st in California. Trying to still be cautious of COVID-19, parks plan to open up at only 15% capacity.

Some popular theme parks that plan to open up are Disneyland Resort, and California Adventure, Knott's Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Sea World, and many more. 

Parks plan to reopen due to the significant reduction of COVID cases as well as the increase of the distribution of vaccines. While this doesn’t necessarily mean business as usual for these places, it shows the growth that California has had from the amounts of loss in COVID cases. 

Dee Dee Myers, senior advisor to Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks on the matter stating “We feel like this is a good time to begin to provide additional visibility into how we can move forward opening parts of the economy.”

There will be specific guidelines for the parks that plan to reopen and it has been said that the parks under the red tier will not be allowed to be open. Ballparks and live events also plan to happen again under similar guidelines as the theme parks. 

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