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Definitive Thanksgiving Foods List

By: Chase Sommer

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Photo credit: ccho

A traditional Thanksgiving dinner is defined as “roast turkey, turkey stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie” per Other than the pumpkin pie, all of the other food will be taken into account. This list will be presented from best to worst similar to a mock draft format.


1 Roast Turkey - This one's a no brainer. Thanksgiving and turkey go hand in hand. It's at the center of your table, and in your fridge for the following two weeks. 


2 Stuffing - Lots of different ways it can be done, but on average is a must-grab early, before it’s gone or else you'll be watching from the sidelines. 


3 Mashed potatoes - Staple. If you don't have these is it even Thanksgiving? 


4 Gravy - Amazing. A swiss army knife of sorts, versatile and can be put on multiple dishes. 


5 Corn - Gets stuck in teeth, otherwise would push higher. 


6 Green Beans - Can rise a few spots if done right, and can fall a few spots if done wrong. 


7 Cranberry sauce - Unless you're a Grandmother (or Mr. Warf), you normally wont like this.


8 Dinner Rolls - If you're looking for bread, go eat out at an Italian restaurant. 

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