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Super Bowl LV

By: Sebby Leffew

On this past Sunday, Super Bowl LV was held in Tampa Bay, Florida where the Kansas City Chiefs faced off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  This was a highly anticipated matchup which included the two best teams in the NFL and superstar quarterbacks Tom Brady against Patrick Mahomes.  Tom Brady is considered by many people to be the greatest football player of all time and he got to play against Patrick Mahomes who is said by many people to be the best current quarterback in the NFL. 


To begin this game there were many performances and announcements.  Then the game began and the Chiefs won the coin toss.  After the first quarter it was a close game with the score at 7 to 3.  The Buccaneers were ahead.  Then the Bucs extended their lead with two touchdowns while leaving the Chiefs with another field goal in the 2nd quarter.  After the halftime performance from The Weeknd the 3rd quarter began.  The Chiefs came into this quarter being down 21 to 6 so they had to make a comeback.  The Bucs offense was too hot and they scored another 10 points while the Chiefs were yet again held to a field goal.   Neither team scored in the 4th quarter causing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to be the Super Bowl LV Champions with a winning score of 31 to 9 over the Kansas City Chiefs.


The Chiefs didn’t play as well as expected as they did not even score a touchdown.  Patrick Mahomes ended up throwing for 270 yards, 0 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. Tom Brady on the other hand threw for 201 yards, 0 interceptions, and 3 touchdowns.  Two of those touchdowns were thrown to tight end Rob Gronkowski.  Tom Brady ended up winning the Super Bowl MVP of this game.   This Super Bowl was held in Tampa Bay which is the first time ever that a team in the Super Bowl is playing at their home stadium.  Overall this was a very entertaining Super Bowl to watch and congratulations to the Tampa Bay Bucs.

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