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Soul Movie Review

 By: Aniesa Vasquez


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In today's world, if you don’t watch a movie as soon as it comes out, you're most likely going to be exposed to spoilers. It’s happened countless times to me before, so it’s pretty much just inevitable at this point. Fortunately, luck was on my side and I was blessed with no spoilers before watching the new Pixar movie, Soul. So, being that I’ve just recently been lucky enough to watch it, I feel it’s only appropriate to share my feelings towards it. 

In case you didn’t know, Soul is a movie about a middle school band teacher with a passion for music. During the movie, he gets into complications and spends the remainder of the movie trying to fix what he’s done while also trying to find his (and another character’s) purpose. Now that the movie has been simplified to the best of my ability without spoilers, let me share my personal feelings towards it. The most important thing I want to mention about the movie is the quality of the animation. Everything in Soul was created with incredible detail and a beautiful animation style. The scenery always manages to remain realistic while the characters show cartoonish animation styling. Overall, I really enjoyed the style as well as the scenery that they include in the film. 

By the end, Soul truly had me contemplating things I’ve been taking for granted in my own life. How many cartoon movies can you say did the same for you? I can’t think of many. Now, the story on the other hand was a real rollercoaster of emotions, but truly inspiring overall. The story had a constant theme of finding your purpose, which was pretty much the main reason I began to rethink decisions I’ve made on my journey. The two main character’s have personalities that are completely different, but they manage to come together with the story. Soul has your typical conflict then resolution plot, as many movies similar to this do, but I felt that the story was interesting enough to keep you entertained the entire time without feeling like you're just watching a movie for kids. At this point, I’m not sure I can find a single thing I disliked about the movie, which is something I don’t say often. I was truly impressed by everything and I would definitely recommend this!

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