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Social Justice Protests

By: Aniesa Vasquez

A "Black Lives Matter" protest

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Countries around the world have come together since July 13th to participate in social justice protests, and they’re still going on. Being created in 2013 by three African American women, after the death of Trayvon Martin, the Black Lives Matter Movement has only grown in the fight against police brutality since then. 

After videos of Geroge Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, whom both died from police brutality, were uploaded, they went instantly viral as the public was outraged at the horrific incidents. From then, the BLM movement gained tons of popularity from people all around the world doing their part to spread awareness of police brutality.

The BLM movement has gained the most popularity from supporters as of 2020 then it ever has before. BLM movement supporters demand to defund the police and have funds distributed to other important fields, such as housing, education, etc.

Being that BLM supporters strive for justice for those who have died wrongly at the hands of police, they have managed to get exactly that. From the Black Lives Matter Movement, police officers have resigned from chiefs, some police officers in the cases of police brutality against POC have been arrested, statues of past historical figures with racist backgrounds have been torn down, and much more.

Posts are still constantly being spread on social media  and petitions are still being signed relating to the Black Lives Matter Movement. Although not getting as much media coverage as it was in the early months of the protests, BLM supporters are still working at getting justice for POC killed by police brutality. 

Even small towns are making an effort to host BLM protests to help be a part of the change. Healdsburg has had more than one protest over the past few months to help show their support for BLM. These protests were mainly held at the plaza and had mainly, very positive responses from residents.

Bryanna Gutierrez, a junior from HHS who attended one of the protests in Healdsburg states, “Everyone seemed extremely passionate about the movement. Distance rules were respected and the protest was really organized.” 

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