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PS5 Stock

By: Gabriel Rodriguez


The PS5 has been the hot ticket item for almost a month. Many people want to experience the next generation of console gaming and with COVID-19, it is no surprise that the PS5 has stock issues. Retailers have been doing drops where they have a limited amount of PS5s that they sell at either random or given times. Seemingly random drops happen as that is when the companies put the item on stock which leads to some weird timings. It is also in an attempt to prevent scalpers and to prevent website crashes. Some have dropped in the middle of the night like Best Buy which has had drops at 5 or 6 am EST. With the limited stock available and the late-night drops then how might you secure a PS5? Well here is some information that may help you if you are looking to get a PS5. 


The most important thing to do is first make an account for all large retailers such as Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, Target, etc. Have your shipping and billing information all saved to these sites. Then, the second most important thing is to make a Twitter account and follow multiple trustworthy Twitter accounts that would alert you when the PS5 or its accessories are in stock. Follow them and make sure to have notifications for them. This is important because it is a good way to immediately let you know when there is a random drop or when retailers confirm drop times. This is the very basic thing you can do to help ensure you get a PS5. Here are some of the other smaller things you can do.


You can try calling certain retailers and asking about the PS5 drops. This is important as it can let you know some information if you already have prior information that they are going to have a drop. For example, Target’s drop on December 3rd had a lot of information you could gather prior. I personally called a Target before the drop and was given information how they were not allowing walk-ins which was important to know since it was online only and that they guessed it would drop around December 3rd or December 4th. Online, there were a lot of rumors pointing towards a late-night drop as well. 


Certain Walmarts right now are allowing walk-ins where you can walk in and ask if they have a PS5 in stock. It is important to note that only certain Walmart stores are doing this so if you go in and ask and they say they don’t have any, then don’t pester them. If you have any relatives or friends who work in stores, then you could try asking them as well as that won’t hurt for any information. 


For accessories, there are google chrome extensions you can use that give you a notification every time an item drops. They can be a bit late if you use them for PS5 notifications so it is recommended more to use them on accessories as those tend to go out of stock slower. Though, that depends on the amount available on the store. Twitter also can work as many Twitter accounts that alert you for the PS5 being in stock also alert you for PS5 accessories and Xbox Series X drops.  But the issue with Twitter can be that it’s annoying to sort through the notifications you would constantly have to check instead of a simple notification to let you know an item is in stock. 


Getting the PS5 is mainly a time-consuming task. It requires patience and a lot of time to dedicate. If you don’t feel like going through all of the effort to get one then just wait until next year or even February. It can’t be understated how difficult and how quick you have to be since I personally have struggled to get a PS5 as if you listen to rumors then it can pause your entire day and night for nothing. I have been through drops where I was stuck on checkout and even on placing the order itself. It is very easy to feel burned but don’t give up and stay diligent and you for sure can get the hot ticket item of the remaining year.

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