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Protesters in Rochester

By: Aniesa Vasquez

Photo by: NBC News

On February 1st, three police officers were seen on video pepper-spraying a 9-year-old girl in Rochester, NY which has caused a lot of backlash the past few days. Only one of the officers was suspended while the other two were placed on leave.

 The little girl’s name has not been given out for her protection according to recent updates. It was suspected that the little girl had threatened to harm both herself and her mother which is why the police separated the little girl from the family. 

The child was trying to be taken to a hospital by the police officers, but after being resistant to getting into the car, she was then handcuffed and pepper-sprayed. 

In a video posted by NBC News, the little girl was yelling back and forth with the officers which lead to her constantly calling out for her father and stating that she wants to see him. Later in the conversation as the arguing progressed, at one point in the conversation one of the officers is heard saying “You’re acting like a child!” to which the girl replies “I am a child!”

Reports say that the little girl was later taken to the hospital as first intended and then later on released afterward.

CNN reports that the mother of the little girl intends to eventually sue the police for “emotional distress and trauma” as well as physical injuries. The mother shares that the little girl had run out of the house after her stepfather and mother were fighting. 

After the video was released, anger from the public began to rise and BLM protesters started to march the streets of Rochester, NY. Videos show the protesters repeatedly stating “No justice, no peace.” 

The footage also shows the protesters marching down to the police station that the officers worked at, repeatedly shook the front gate of the station and continuously shouted about the little girl. As of lately, there hasn’t been much coverage or updates of the protesters in action. 

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