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Politicians Playing Among Us

By: Aniesa Vasquez

U.S. representatives AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and Ilhan Omar have recently played and streamed their second game of Among Us, collaborating with popular streamers and Youtubers.

           Among Us is a popular online, multiplayer, murder mystery type game where you may either be the imposter (the killer) or a crewmate. The objective is to either finish all the tasks you are given as a crewmate or to kill every player as the imposter. The imposter must try to blend in and attempt to not seem suspicious to the other players. 

 The first time the game was played, the intent was to try and increase the amount of voters before the election to help draw attention. Twitch, the platform that streamed the gameplay, was used very effectively, collecting more than 400,000 viewers in the first stream. 

 AOC has recently returned to play another game of Among Us, this time including different streamers.

 People such as Hasanabi (twitch streamer) and Corpse Husband (faceless youtuber) have made a recurring appearance in the newest stream, previously making an occurrence the first time AOC had played. Ilhan Omar however was not one of the people who appeared for the stream. 

The stream had other streamers such as Alanah, Adept, Sykkuno, WillNeff, and a couple of others. 

The recent game of Among Us was held to try and collect money for things like community organizations, food pantries, etc. AOC managed to raise around $200,000 in just a matter of a few hours.

The game took place on November 28th and fans and supporters hope to see more gameplays/streams in the near future, possibly other games such as League of Legends, a game AOC has also talked about playing. 

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