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What's Going on with the Olympics?

By: Chase Sommer

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Photo by: Creative Commons

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the last couple of months have faded together for many of us, and during the distress, we lost out on the great tradition of the Olympics. Other than the ability to show off our best athletes, the Olympics is a time to come together as a country even with our differences. The Olympic games were set to occur in Tokyo starting in July of this year, but due to COVID, the games have been postponed to next year, 2021. 


Some good ways you can pass your time as a sports fan can be through watching replays of prior Olympic games, or sporting events going on currently. The UFC is hosting events in Abu Dhabi. The NBA has scheduled their season to start  December 22nd and the draft is rapidly approaching on the 18th of November. The NFL is going on currently, and other sports are all closing in. 


Regardless of how you choose to pass your time as a sports fanatic or whatever you choose to engage in, the Olympics stands as a tradition of the nation coming together as a whole and celebrating our great athletes. This boost of patriotism was greatly needed with all of the negative mental health issues accompanying COVID, but with the progress of a vaccine approaching, we can all look forward to coming together once again and cheering on not only our favorite professional teams but also the team that's in all of our hearts, the Greyhounds. 

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