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HHS Sports, What's Going On?

Emma Hernandez

APR. 22, 2021

Indoor sports at HHS are starting up once again.

Indoor sports at HHS are starting up once again. Softball, Baseball, and Football have already started games. Since softball, baseball, and football are all outdoor sports people are allowed to spectate from a distance but still in person. As for basketball and wrestling, well our school’s come up with something different. Indoor sports games and matches will be streaming on the school’s Facebook and YouTube pages for students, parents, and staff to watch.
Since softball and baseball have already started here are the links to the game schedules.



So far the varsity softball team has played seven games but still have yet to gain their first win. Due to COVID there weren’t enough players for a JV team. Luckily for baseball there were enough players to have a JV and a varsity team. The JV team has played four games with 1 win and 3 losses. The varsity team is currently undefeated after playing a total of five games. The baseball teams are definitely doing better than softball is, but let’s cheer them on to win a game before the season ends.
As for football their season has already started. Four games have been played so far and one is yet to come. Our hounds football team is still working hard to obtain a win. For our girl’s basketball team they were lucky enough to have enough players for a JV and a varsity team, the boy’s team on the other hand was not. The varsity team for girl’s basketball will be having their first game on April 24th against Justin Siena, playing away. The boys team will also be having their first game on April 25th but against Sonoma Valley, playing away. The girls JV team has their first game on May 5th against Maria Carillo, playing at home. It’s not too late to join the basketball team so email Mr. Osborn, the athletic director, for any more information or if you would like to join a team.
Sadly the Volleyball team wasn’t able to have a season this year due to Covid. On the bright side they will be hosting open gyms for players or anyone who just wants to get out and have some fun. Open gyms aren’t mandatory but are a strong recommendation for players wanting to play in next year’s season. Once those open gyms schedules are released don’t be shy to come out and test your skills. Volleyball is a pretty fun sport to play so get out there and try something new.
COVID has made it difficult for our school to schedule games and arrange the start and end of sport seasons. Everyone working for the Athletic Department has been working hard to ensure the safety of everyone who has come out to play. Our school is doing a very good job of following guidelines and ensuring the players and coaches safety but hopefully by the time the next school year rolls around COVID will be a thing of the past and we can go back to living our normal lives.

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