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A Year of HHS Sports

This school year was dramatically changed due to the pandemic and one of its biggest effects was on sports. Sports this year were completely different and a lot of our students had things to say about their personal seasons.


JUN. 7, 2021

The Return of Floyd Mayweather

Sunday, June 6. That's the date when Floyd Mayweather is making his return to fight against the internet star, Logan Paul. Money Mayweather vs. The Maverick is now going to be the fight of the year and there are many people who can’t wait till the fists start flying..


May 24, 2021

What's Gonna Happen With the Tokyo Olympics?

Despite the pandemic, it's looking like the 2021 Tokyo Olympics will be happening. The Olympics are to be held on July 23, despite any prior assumptions that they could be canceled altogether. Much of the Japanese population however seems to be against hosting the Olympics. It would be dangerous and result in exposure for both the athletes and the spectators.


May 24, 2021

Who Dropped The Ball?

This summer, the NBA will conduct its inaugural play-in tournament with the victors making the playoffs and the losers being left with nothing. The tournament is set to consist of teams seeded seven through ten battling it out for two playoff spots. Though this spectacle is sure to draw in viewership with the drama and the winner take all system, notable players and owners have voiced frustration with the system in place. Seeing this conflict between the league and the participants leaves the fans with only one question in mind, who dropped the ball?


May 3, 2021

HHS Swim Team Dives Into Exciting Season

After over a year out of the pool, Healdsburg High Schools' swim team returned to practice last month, bringing optimism and excitement to swimmers and coaches.


APR. 30, 2021

HHS Sports, What's Going On?

Indoor sports at HHS are starting up once again.


APR. 22, 2021

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