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HHS Rallies

Julia Dolph

Mar 3, 2022

Rallies present time for students to showcase talents and help excite people for events to come.

Rallies present time for students to showcase talents and help excite people for events to come. They also provide room for traditions to happen, like when each grade does a dance at the REIBT Rally. However, we can always grow and make things better, so I asked some students what they thought could help improve the rallies.
Sofia Nordvedt, a senior, thinks rallies are an important part of high school because they help improve school spirit, allow time for students to have a break and have fun, and they are a classic part of the high school experience. She thinks that they are a decent length, but some felt a little short this year depending on the activities. Sofia would like to see more rallies, and they could be improved by involving more of the people who don’t normally participate since normally the people who participate are usually the same ones who have been participating all year. Another improvement would be having people’s favorite teachers talk or participate more in the activities as well. Observers have noticed that when teachers come up to play games, students get really excited, especially during the teacher vs. student games like the basketball game at the REIBT Rally.
Hadley Rueter, a sophomore, doesn’t necessarily love the rallies because she thinks they take time out of class, and she feels the ones we have are unnecessarily long. She thinks the rallies should be used for announcements and some games, but that time spent should not be wasted. Healdsburg High doesn’t usually do many rallies, and more would be overkill in her opinion. Despite not personally being too optimistic about rallies, she thinks they are generally good for student morale and school spirit.
Maddie Munselle, a freshman, thinks that rallies are a fun way for students to connect and increase our school spirit. She said, “They are a nice break in the normal schedule and a great way to get some laughs.” She thinks that the rallies could definitely be longer, and we should repeat fun activities like musical chairs and add other ones like duck duck goose. She also thinks that we should have more rallies, like having one before big games which would help pump up players. Other ideas could be rallies for holidays, as well as other important school events. Maddie thinks that there could be more music and fun songs everyone knows, and that there should be prizes to incentivize students to participate and play hard during the games which would add to the excitement.

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