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Deer Attack

Harrison Threlfall

MAY. 25, 2021

In recent weeks, there have been a series of incidents involving a particularly aggressive deer around the Sunnyvale area.

In recent weeks, there have been a series of incidents involving a particularly aggressive deer around the Sunnyvale area. A popular video of a deer charging a woman walking her dog has recently been circulating on online platforms such as Nextdoor. There have been multiple incidents reported on the community sharing platform Nextdoor Healdsburg. All of the attacks seem to have happened on Sunnyvale Street near Gibbs Park in Healdsburg. This is a common place for deer to hang out. Nobody is quite sure why this deer is being so aggressive but numerous theories have been shared.
One theory as to why this deer has been attacking people walking their dogs is that it is attacking out of vengeance. According to this theory this deer had two fawns that were eaten by a mountain lion, and now the deer attacks all dogs because they look somewhat similar to mountain lions. This seems a little far fetched but it could be possible.
The other theory many have heard is that this deer is ill and has somehow developed aggressive tendencies because of it’s illness. If this is true hopefully it is the only ill deer and other deer don’t start to develop the same sickness.
The third theory that has been cited numerous times on Nextdoor Healdsburg is that the deer has some fawns it is nursing them near the area of the attacks. This deer may feel threatened by people walking by with strollers and dogs so it feels the need to attack to protect her fawns. This is probably the most likely theory as deer are known to attack people in the best interest of their fawns.
In any case it is probably a good idea to avoid or use extra caution when walking your dog or stroller near Sunnyvale street. People have had some minor injuries from the deer and the attacks can be sudden and quite frightening. While some people may recommend using bear spray to fend off the attack, this may be harmful to the deer and is probably not completely necessary. In the case of a deer attack it is better to try to move away and take cover, or if that is not possible, you should raise your arms over your head to make yourself seem big and make loud noises to scare off the deer.
Deer are often scared of people so when a deer is aggressive people are pretty thrown off. In actuality the people of Healdsburg aren’t that strong and if the deer wanted to start a revolution they could probably do so easily and win. Maybe the deer are finally realising that they have nothing to be afraid of when it comes to pedestrians in Healdsburg. This could be the beginning of an uprising of animals that have spent a long time being timid in the hills of Healdsburg. I’m not that scared of deer so I say good on them for finally humbling some of the more entitled residents of this town.
The deer attacks are likely to subside once the deer relocates or once the fawns grow a bit older so it is likely not much to worry about. For now it is probably a good idea to use caution when walking through the sunnyvale area, but soon this will only be another exaggerated story told by the residents of Healdsburg.

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