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Things To Do For This Summer

Congratulations for finishing up the school year! Now it's time to unwind and have a peaceful and cozy summer. If you ever feel yourself getting board, you can do the following activities.

Chase’s Definitive Senior Superlatives Analysis

This year featured multiple picks for senior superlatives rather than the past precedent of one male, and one female winner. This offered a list of winners leaving it up to your opinion for who won the award. In this article I will be offering my opinion on who should've won each award, and why.

JUN. 7, 2021

A Biased Political Year in Review

Our year in review starts back in September
So far back it’s hard to remember

JUN. 7, 2021

Deer Attack

In recent weeks, there have been a series of incidents involving a particularly aggressive deer around the Sunnyvale area.

MAY. 25, 2021

iPhones For Everyone

Everyone should have a smartphone, it is almost necessary to have one. Therefore, the government should have to provide you a smartphone.

APR. 22, 2021

The New Office of Donald J. Trump

Have you been wondering what happened to our MAGAnificant ex-president since he left office in January? Well, neither have I, but for those who have, boy do I have the website for you!

APR. 22, 2021