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Hate Crime in Miami

By: Aniesa Vasquez


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On February 21st, articles were released covering a hate crime that was committed by a Miami doctor, Susan Wright,  who harassed a Hispanic man by calling him racial slurs as well as keying up his car. Recent updates have come up surrounding the situation. 

Wright has been reported saying “This is my America.” after the man asked Wright to socially distance in the grocery line. Wright also stated she wanted to “get rid of every single one of you” as well as other racial slurs and hateful remarks.

Tampa Bay Times wrote an article covering the situation, in which they include that the women ignored the man's request to remain socially distanced. She then followed the man out to his vehicle where she keyed his car and got extremely close to him, calling him names and slurs. 

The man then tried to report this to the police where she then proceeded to kick the man and stomp the phone, trying to break it; She then fled the scene. 

According to sources, Wright is a suspected Trump supporter and was later arrested for her crimes. This crime was committed on January 20th, Biden’s official inauguration day.

Wright was only recently arrested for this crime according to an article that was 

published by the Miami Herald. There have been no recent updates of comments from Wright or the victim of the hate crime. 

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