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Leading The Charge

 By: Chase Sommer

A small house in the woods
a small house in the woods that has been burned down

Photos by: Harrison Threlfall 

Across California and even in the community of Sonoma County, wildfires are being fought by brave firefighters. For often multiple days at a time, these firefighters are fighting fires without food, or other basic necessities. Many students and the general public wish to make a positive impact but often end up getting in the way more than helping.

 This year, a gofundme was created through the sunrise rotary club in order to help feed these firefighters. With fire season still upon the state of California, it is likely that another fire could proliferate near the town of Healdsburg.

 To help contribute positively, students at HHS could easily donate to this cause through the link below or could volunteer. In the event of another fire, students could volunteer by helping to coordinate a donation effort if they work at a restaurant, or advertising the gofundme with a simple share on social media.

Local restaurant owners also are making a contribution to these firefighters. One example would be Domenica Catelli who was quoted according to the Press Democrat saying “It’s what we love”. These restaurant owners want to help out and are looking for ways to donate to these firefighters and evacuees. 

Firefighters as well appreciate the food, and support given through our Sonoma County businesses. They called the donations a “nice gesture” and thanked them. Volunteer work will still be required for a lot of the future classes of Healdsburg High School, so participating in something as monumental, and tangible couldn't be a better way to kickstart those hours.

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