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Vouge Controversy?

By: Liz Valls

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Photo credit: Radio Alpha

Vogue just released a preview of their issue for December 2020. After being in business for over one hundred years, history is being made with Harry Styles appearing on the cover as the first solo male artist. Styles is breaking gender norms as the photoshoot revolves around gender binary fashion. Numerous photos were taken, showing him in a dress, blazer, and kilt, and a coat with trousers. What was supposed to be a lighthearted shoot, has received a lot of backlash from right wing politicians.


Candace Ownes, a conservatve author, was the first to attack the post. She was outraged, saying, “There is no society that can survive without strong men” and to “bring back the manly man.” One Twitter user says, “Candace Owens is 50 years behind on culture and education,” as pictures of Iggy Pop, Kurt Kobain, and David Bowie were shown of them wearing dresses. As she was beginning to receive this backlash from fans and other celebrities defending Styles, Ben Shapiro, a conservative media host, decided to add on to her statement. He said that the left knows Styles is trying to “feminize masculinity” through this shoot. These comments were very unnecessary as they were just criticizing him and some form of backlash from fans and other people was bound to happen. 


These comments by the two are perfect examples of toxic masculinity. Comments like these can affect one's mental or physical health and make them feel less comfortable in their skin. There have been many positive comments compared to the little negative ones. The cover shows a lot of blue as Styles is wearing a blue dress and blowing up a blue balloon. This looks like a balance between the stereotypes for both genders. The use of the color blue is a stereotype for boys and the feminine side would be the dress. The use of gender neutral fashion is making people feel very proud as our society is progressing and encouraging people to be themselves. 

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