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End HHS sports

By: Emma Hernandez

a basketball laying on the ground

Photo by: popo.uw23

Yes, Yes, I’m aware that students are hyped up and ready to play sports this season, but do they really know the risks? As everyone knows by now we’re in the middle of a pandemic, and that is exactly why high school sports shouldn’t be in session. After Covid-19 dies down a bit I’m certain students will be more eager than ever to play sports again, but we have to remember that cases could still spike considering the upcoming holidays. By starting the sports season, students would be at risk, and HHS may not be able to meet all Covid-19 protocol requirements. 

Since January 22, when the first Covid-19 case was confirmed, our world has been sworn to a life of masks and hand sanitizers. It is excusable to allow some sports to happen, like golf and tennis, because social distancing will allow safe participation. However, it isn't physically possible for social distance when playing football or basketball. Those sports are both based on teams having to be closer than six feet from each other. I’m afraid that letting certain sports occur and others not, will enrage students, resulting in a lot of unhappy student-athletes, which is why starting any sports wouldn’t be the right decision. 

The opposing argument would say something along the lines of, “if a student is aware of the risk and is willing to play under the circumstances our school should let them play.” The thing is, I doubt students deeply understand the cause and effects of the virus. It may not seem like such a big deal since athletes are young and typically have minimal health problems, but the effect Covid-19 has on us stretches so much further than just ourselves. For example, once you are exposed, you may be asymptomatic. You wouldn’t think that you are sick if you don’t show signs, but you can spread it without knowing. Imagine you play in a game, you hang out with your teammates and friends, and in a week their parents are sick. We cannot be certain that taking precautions while playing sports will help to slow the pandemic. Leading to the simple solution of just canceling sports until Covid-19 is over. Postponing sports until the pandemic is over is the only way to ensure everyone's safety throughout the school year. 

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