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Feb. 16, 2021

Top Two Ultimate Dips

By Elina Sadeghian

Plain potato chips; they are classic, tasty, and crunchy. However, they sometimes feel so incomplete. As if they are lonely and need to be dipped in something to satisfy you. 

I introduce to you my top 2 dips that you cannot go wrong with. They are healthy and delicious and can be put on anything you wish, not only your chips.

#1 Artichoke and Jalapeno dip and spread (by the brand la terra fina): This is arguably the best dip that I have ever tasted. It has the right amount of jalapeno so it is not unbearably spicy and is just right. The texture is soft and a bit chewy. The scent is creamy and you can smell the jalapeno slightly; so if you are planning to go eat it next to your crush, no worries there won't be an after smell in your breath...I think. This can be purchased at Costco and possibly Trader Joe’s. I recommend putting it over a baloney sandwich and enjoying it with a Capri Sun.


#2 Caramelized onion dip (From Trader Joe’s): The moment where I dipped my potato chip into this dip, I realized I have been eating my chips wrong. The taste is quite addicting; the texture is creamy and the soft onions come under your teeth but not in a noticeable way. There is the undertone of sweetness in this dip due to the onions however, it still maintains its savoriness. The best way I could describe this to you dear reader, is that it tastes like the animal sauce from in and out but instead it is healthy. I find this best with costco's plain potato chips. 


I haven't tried many dips in my life however these two dips that I have tried, stay my all time favorites and they might become your favorites too.

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