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December 14

By Jack Ready

The Holiday season is coming up and a lot of major days of celebration are approaching. Holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Monkey Day are approaching and people are ecstatic to celebrate especially during this pandemic which is devoid of joy and merciless. Some might be confused to see Monkey Day on the list prior, but those people are lacking in culture and are simpletons for being unknowledgeable of such an important holiday. 


Monkey Day is what most would call a magical holiday full of bliss and happiness. It is an unofficial (soon to be official I hope) international holiday in which people celebrate monkeys, and they also practice a few monkey-like activities. There are a lot of festivities that come with this holiday along with a fair amount of competition that takes place. Some groups have a monkey costume competition, while others have a monkey impersonation competition. 


If you don’t have a group to celebrate such a great holiday with, there are plenty of activities to do on your own. You can stare in the mirror and try to act like a monkey. You can eat bananas just to pay some homage to our long lost ancestors, and you could even watch some monkey films like King Kong. Monkey Day is full of things that bring joy to a wide range of people which is why it needs to become more popular. 


A lot of fundraising also occurs on this event which shows that it has a lot of potential to improve the lives of monkeys. Monkeys have done a lot for people with their funny antics and entertaining build. If I had to choose between a life with a monkey and a life without, I would most definitely choose a life with a monkey.


There are even more holidays than what meets the eye, some people could declare December 15th to be Monkey Day 2 and if they celebrate it I believe it counts as a holiday. Holidays aren’t about how many people celebrate themt, it's about what they create for the people who do celebrate them. There are a wide array of holidays and I think that people should look up more holidays to see if they are enjoyable and try new holidays to celebrate. At the end of the day, It’s always best to grow and celebrate life with your friends and family.

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