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Apple is Bad

By: Erick Gutierrez

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On June 29, 2007, the very first iPhone came out, and it's safe to say iPhones are popular nowadays. Nearly everyone at this school seems to have some of the latest gadgets that Apple has churned out of their Chinese sweatshops', I mean "work factories". And for a matter of fact, they are coming out with the new iPhone 12. But have these phones progressed for the worst? Does Apple make phones for the user, or solely for the users' money?


A very bold move that Apple had taken with their iPhones was to remove a headphone jack, this “wasn't solely for design purposes” as Apple stated themselves. They wanted to go wireless as soon as possible. So unfortunately charging and listening to music through headphones was no longer a thing. 


At least you’d still get a headphone adaptor for your own headphones, right? Right? Not anymore, unfortunately, because giving your customer a small, tiny adapter that seems too easy to lose will make a big dent in the company, plus they care about the environment. So they wrap it up in unnecessary plastic to sell it to you, overpriced.


It's easy for big companies to take advantage of the people who want the latest technology that seems hip and cool. No one wants a Samsung, they aren't cool, they are more reliable and easier to use than an iPhone, but of course, it isn't “cool.”


The iPhone 12 that will come out soon is only another example of Apple taking every possible dollar they can get their customer to pull out. The iPhone 12 does not come with a wall plug, and the camera will have more unique features, making 3rd party repairs impossible. Apple is trying to funnel all the money that their product puts out in the world right back into the company. How petty must you be to take out third party repairs?


I'm sure if you've walked to the back of a Walmart or passed by the best buy, you've managed to see the small, insignificant Apple product that costs more than a piece of plastic and metal should. 


Not only are their phones a disaster, but their computers are too. I wouldn't know, however, because I don't buy laptops that don't have hdmi ports.

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