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49ers to Arizona

By: Sebby Leffew


Picture by Jim Bahn

The Covid-19 virus has affected many people and organizations in many different ways.  In the case of the 49ers because of the California laws and the facts that Covid-19 is getting worse by the day in California the 49ers are not allowed to play in California.  Because of this rule the 49ers were forced to play somewhere else.  


The San Francisco 49ers will now be playing their “home games” at State Farm Stadium in Arizona.  This makes a lot of sense because the 49ers and the Cardinals are in the same division.  Also the Cardinals and the 49ers have pretty much the same color scheme so people watching the games won’t get too confused.  This does change a few things though.  Even without fans home game advantages are still huge.  Which with no fans either way does not change much against most teams but it does change some.  One game would be their alleged “home” game against Arizona.  Clearly it won’t be a home game anymore because they are playing in Arizona.


Also something interesting about the situation is that it is pretty ironic that they moved to play in a place with higher covid rates than in California.  So pretty much they can’t play in Santa Clara County at Levi Stadium because of the very high Covid-19 rates so they moved to Cariopa County in Arizona where the Covid Rates are Higher.  This doesn't make too much sense but because of the different guidelines and laws in each state it was able to happen. 


With all of these problems and controversy in San Francisco it just doesn’t seem to be the 49ers year.  Even though they were one of the best teams last year and making it all the way to the superbowl they just aren’t having a good year.  They have dealt with a lot of injuries and now have to deal with this move to Arizona.  Hopefully soon the 49ers will be back in Levi Stadium, and hopefully they begin to win.

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